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About Me

So ya Wanted 2 know a lil about me:-P

o so you 1 know about me, ha. Well I am a POTHEAD, dont like it kiss my ass. I am a real bitch and if you threaten my family or what I call my family I will kick your face in:D

I grew up in Maine, Moved about the east coast " Down South" 4 a few then came back. I'm suicidal big fuckin deal, I take alot of pills. Dont like it Fuck off Then=:)



Well isnt this interesting...lmao

I like 2 smoke up with my bro and his girl, I like 2 write Personal Shit, I hang out with friends and Fuck Off Usually

1 movie I like is TiTanic, But All the other time its Horror and Horror Only.

I listen 2 Modern and Alternative Rock:D ICP gotta have em