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Josh you are like the person I have been waiting 4 my whole life, and now that you've come I only get 2 talk 2 you mayb once a week. But thats aight I still love you, Everytime I talk 2 you it feels like my heart is going jump right out of my chest, its amazing.

I really hope you care the same about me, because I dont want 2 turn out 2 be an idiot....Because I do care about you...So Muahzzz, lol. Love you Lots

I dont have a pic 4 you:( cus you never gave me 1:-P lol so you best get that pic 2 me b4 you get in some trouble...hehe...You can never tell what kinda trouble with me is;))

I cant wait 2 see you in real life:DYou make me feel happy when I'm down, you make me feel like someone actually wants me here. And I know you do, you'd probably b upset if I left...:-PI love you though:*

I Love you so you better Love me:-P