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Bitches & Assholes


You fuckin ppl think you know me? Well think again there a very few ppl that know me well enough 2 talk shit about me, But your probably not 1 of them and you still try and talk shit about me. Well it doesnt work cus it always gets back 2 me no matter what, Dont try your stupid bullshit with me cus I'm not 1 of those you can play with;)

If you ppl think your better then anyone else on here, then you need 2 re-think that. You lie 2 make others feel better and thats completly bullshit no one should do that you should just come out and say it.

4 another thing you fuckin tried 2 talk shit about me behind my back, ha. It doesnt do anything it just makes you out 2 b more of a fuckin ingnorant fuck. So next time you try 2 talk shit why dont you try and talk about it 2 my face, I'll tell you if its true. I'll tell you weither or not your bullshittin makin yourself look like a fuckin idiot.

And 4 the last thing if you fuck with my friends or family, I will fuckin have your god damn ass so if I was you I would back the fuck off. And if you dont then its your problem not mine, You have yourself a Fuckin WonderFul Day:D

By the way Fuck You