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This is 4 the ppl that like 2 run there mouth and talk shit.

If your someone that thinks there better then anyone else, then you need a realty check. You need 2 step into the world 4 just 1 day and see how fuckin hard it is, get your fuckin asses off your god damn computer and fuckin have a blast just enjoy what you have b4 you lose everything...

If you think you know me then mayb you need 2 think that over, because no one knows me or what I've been through so if your talking shit behind my back then jsut remember pay backs a bitch.

When you say some certain shit it makes other people feel like shit, until wait someone starts shit with you then you know how it feels 2 b talked about and have people talk shit behind your back then you finding out and beenin really pissed off, How does it feel?

So just think about it next time you run your mouth about someone you know, then all off a sudden it turns on you. Then you will realize what it feels like after you doing that 2 people over and over again. Its a fucked up world so live like you were dying...