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Amanda, Marissa, & Shelbie

This Page is 4 my Cousins, Amanda & Shelbie and also my couisn Amanda's Girlfriend

I'd like 2 thank you guys 4 bein there 4 me, and I'd also like you 2 know I love you and I havent forgotten about you, there will always b a place in my heart 4 you no matter what. I love all 3 of you 2 death. I'm sorry 4 what my mother has put you guys thru if I could change that I would but I cant go back in time and change it. So I am sorry it had 2 happen like this but I suppose it was 4 a good cause of stoppin what was happenin. But the bad part is now I cant see you guys anymore *Tears* Hopefully very soon I will find a way 2 come see you guys.


^ Thats my Cousin Amanda She has "had" Cancer she just got done having another surgery. I love you 2 Death and I cant wait 2 see you!

I just want you all 2 know I love you so much and no matter what happens I will always love you. If I had the choice then it would never have came 2 this but oh well. I Love You all with all my heart. I'll c you soon hopefully...LoL I put your song on here 4 you ***Tears***


^ Marissa, Amanda's GirlFriend. I love you Marissa and Dont anyone tell you, you was nothing in life you are. You mean the world 2 me, you have been there 4 me no matter what, you even saved my life a few times. I love you Both>:D<


^ My cuz Shelbie, I love you with the world, you where the beginning of my life and will stay till the end. We usta do everything 2gether, EVERYTHING. LoL Oh yah that bitch is gonna get her assed kicked " you know who" because she likes 2 run her mouth. But I love you and Miss you so much. I'll see you very soon...I Promise....Plus we are weirdo's, STONERS 4 LIFE

I Love You With All My Heart