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Dedicated 2 My Friends

This Page is Dedicated 2 All My Friends

This Page is 4 my Friends that have stood beside me during my hard times and best times of my life, I love you guys
Mandi- You are the greatest person in the world, dont ever let anyone keep you away from your dreams. You deserve everything you want and nothing will stand in your way, you where always there makin me smile and " on cam" lol I'm just kiddin, Plus I like your shirts lol. I still luv ya and always will:*
Kylee- I always made you laugh and you always made me feel better I thank you 4 everything that you have shared with me. Muahzzz:*
Nick *Lethal* - We tried different things but that didnt work out but in the end we always remained friends and always will no matter what. Try your best not 2 forget me:-P
PaPa BeaR- You are so great I met you the frist time I popped into that room :-P I'll miss you most of all, there will always b a place in my heart 4 you..ALWAYS...I Love you 4 bein there 4 me and always trying 2 cheer me up with your singing it always worked 2 :D Thank You so Much

I will begin with Marie my Sexy LiL Fire Bug- You have been there 4 me every single day & every single moment, I love you, I will always remember you, and Miss you 2 death. Dont ever think you will b forgotten because you wont.
Donny- You have been a great friend and I will miss you always :D When I was down you always managed 2 get me in a better mood. I appreciate everything you have done 4 me>:D<
Dom- You are a wonderful friend and a very talented guy, you are mysterious in every way and unbelievablly smarter than you think. You have been there 4 me every second of the day. Thank You
Sizz- When I was down you always had the time 2 talk 2 me and make me feel there was a reason 4 me 2 b here still and I think you was right there was and i wont ever forget you no matter what. That goes 4 all of you >:D< Thank You So Much

Will- You helped me makes some decissions that would have lead into some trouble that I would never b able 2 forgive myself. Thank you 4 everything that I asked help 4, you were a really great friend, I Thank You 4 everything.
Kenny *Wicked*- We had te best of times 2gether you where the first person I met on yahoo and you will always be in my heart. I hope you stay happy this time, Dont forget me either:-P Me an you would stay up all hours of the night sendin stuff we wrote that we kept private lol. I'll miss you dearly.
Leslie- You are my sexy bitch :D I love you 4 who you are and 4 the nerves that you had 2 stand up and tell me you wanted me, lol. Dont think I didnt want you I refused 4 a reason and the reason is what I told you. I Love you girl >:D<:*
Justin- Damn you could get me off on the phone, lol. Dont jump of your roof with your skateboard anymore either. You were the best most guy I have ever met plus you like my music:-P Luv yahs:*;;)

Theres alot more of my friends, but I am 2 tired 2 type them right now. 4 those I missed I'm sorry...K.C.,Bren,Amanda,Quay,Steve,Ga,Bri,


Remember the Times we Had 2gether.