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][v][y Family

My Fuckin Fucked up Family


LiL Bro

Isnt he so Queer:))Yah thats my lil bro, lol. He suffers from a major problem, he needs help. Oh yah if you fuck with him I'll kill you cus I have 2 look down on him;)


Me & My Cuz

Can you say weirdos.lmao...or just Freaks



Isnt she just so adorable, 2 bad, you cant have her dont even try, unless you want my older bro after your ass:))


This is my lil SexxxyNess, lol. Isnt he so adorable..awww. This is my lil man Hunter

There's alot more in my family but I dont have anymore pics of them:(fuckin bastard I wish I did lol. I'll get them soon;)


Percy & Lucy

Awww there so cute..and ugly at the same Percy Poo and Lucy Lou...Percy is the Fawn colored 1 and Lucy is the Black 1...


My older brother Nick & his girl Kristen. I advise you not 2 fuck with them. STONERS 4 LIFE