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Hey my name is Casey aka PooH BeaR. So you wanted 2 know a lil about me well, I live in Maine, I only listen 2 Modern & Alternative Rock "Thats about it". Anyhow I smoke, I drink but if its beer no thanx. I have a older and younger brother NO sisters! But yah I smoke pot occasionaly. Anyhow if you wanted 2 know my whole life history then you can go fuck yourself:D

Anyhow you already know all you need 2 know about me, so there:-PAnyhow I hope you like the site and


What's New?

Whats new? hm...:-?well there really isnt much new in my life. I think I have found someone not sure yet but still

If you want 2 get at me then...
Yahoo: Waitin2Die4u